Word for the Day – Under the Circumstances


Phillipians 4:9-13 (11)

“State” = “Set of Circumstances, situation, predicament, plight” – as long as it is for Christ and His cause. (See Phillipians 3:7-8)

A. Most of us at one time or another have heard or used the expression “under the circumstances.” ( Whether in getting or giving free advice.)

1. A “power of positive thinking” preacher was once heard to say, “A Christian should never use the expression “under the circumstance.” ???
2. His reasoning was that a believer should always live “above” the circumstances of life.” ?? In theory it sounds great – BUT, I question his theology behind such a statement.

B. I wish, I really wish that I could agree with him, but I can’t!! So I’m going to preach on “Under The Circumstances.”

1. I know by experience there are forces that work, against every believer to get them down.
2. Believers do get “under the circumstances”, because this world and the god of it, are not friends to grace, and so we can’t always stay on top, sailing smoothly through life. Amen??
3. I have also found that believers may not be responsible for all the unfortunate things that happen to them!
4. However, sometimes they are due to a lack of prayer and fasting, and a failure to hear the voice of God.

C. Apostle Paul is an example of one who found himself “under the circumstances” and that through no fault of his own.

1. If there was ever a man who had the spiritual power to live above the circumstances of life, He did!
2. Paul shares just a few of the things that happened to him as a Christian in II Cor. 11:24-28.
a. Paul was not responsible for being “under these circumstances.” Most of them came from outside forces, and from those who wanted to harm him or wanted to put him to death.
The Devil wanted to stop his ministry. He will try to stop your’s and mine too! b. Life was not one long, sweet song for him!!
3. As Paul looked back over those circumstances from his prison cell, he said, “I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Life is a continuous learning process!