Word for the Day – But God Said


Luke 12:13-21


A. We say things that never come to pass. WHY?
1. Primarily, due to a lack of authority, or the failure to exercise it; OR in most instances it’s from a lack of power, resolve, or resources.
2. On the other hand, by comparison, what God says will and does come to pass. For example:
a. In Gen. chap. 1 we see creation taking place at God’s word; then again in Gen. 2:17 what God told Adam and Eve came to pass; and the list goes on.

B. J.F.B. Commentary: “These words flowed from Jesus’ heart and lips at a time when He had begun to speak out more plainly than ever before.”
1. Reason: He was nearing the end of His ministry on earth.
2. As we near the Return of Christ, ministers need to speak out more plainly than ever before!!

C. If there has ever been a generation or a time when people need to hear and heed these words of Jesus, it is in these times and in our generation. WHY? There are several reasons: 1. Jesus gave this parable to reveal the dangers that lurk in a covetous heart.
2. Covetousness is the opposite of thankfulness, which is characterized by giving of thanks because of being thankful, and content with what we have.
a. Placing material things over personal relationships has disastrous consequences; as seen in marriages, families, and one’s relationship with God.
3. Apostle Paul warns us that in the last days “men shall be lovers of their own selves, coveteous.., unthankful, and unholy, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.”(2 Tim 3:2)
a. These maladies characterized the rich farmer in this parable, and so many people today.
b. Of all the generations to live upon the earth, ours has more, so much more, to covet (and ways to have the things which are coveted)…than perhaps any other generation.

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